J-Scope and C++-20 feature std::strong_ordering

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    • J-Scope and C++-20 feature std::strong_ordering

      Dear Embedded Enthusiasts,

      we have trouble with J-Scope since newly introducing the C++20 data type std::strong_ordering into our code base.
      After selecting the ELF file and starting to load, J-Scope (in all recent versions) will parse the file until a certain point and then stop, resulting in crashes after a minute or so in both Linux and Windows versions of J-Scope (Bluescreen on Windows, unresponsive UI on Linux with subsequent crash).

      I have trouble reproducing this with a small complete example as it does not seem to crash on a very small ELF file, otherwise I would supply one here.
      This is the offending code:

      C Source Code

      1. class MyClass
      2. {
      3. public:
      4. MyClass() = default;
      5. private:
      6. std::strong_ordering something{std::strong_ordering::equal};
      7. };

      Does anyone else experience such issues?
    • Hello,

      Thank you for reaching out.

      At present, the data type you inquired about is not supported.

      We have added this to our Todo.
      However, as this is the first issue of its kind, we are unable to provide an estimated timeline for implementation.

      We appreciate your understanding.

      Best regards,
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