when reparsing, j-scope cannot match array member variables?

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    • when reparsing, j-scope cannot match array member variables?

      hi segger staff,

      i've been using j-scope recently. jlink package version is v7.88f, mode is HSS, target device is infineon TLE9893, IDE is arm keil 5.33, elf file selected is the .axf file keil generated.

      i want to monitor a variable, which is a array member in a struct. the first use is ok, but when the axf file is modified and j-scope needs to reparse the axf file, seems j-scope not able to match the variable and remove it from the symbol list.

      so either i add these variables every time the software changes, or i add non-array copies to display them in j-scope, or i rework the data structrue of my software, all of which are not very convenient.

      i wonder if this is normal(maybe because axf file contains less information than elf file?), or i did something wrong and it can be dealt with.

      thanks for your help
    • Hello,

      Normally, J-Scope should be able to match the variable.
      I just checked myself and could not see any issues.

      For further investigation, could you please create a ticket for this issue:

      The ticket should contain the following information:
      • Serial number of your J-Link
      • Used hardware
      • Software version used
      • Simplified example project
      • Detailed reproducer
      Once the issue is resolved, we will update this case accordingly.

      Best regards,
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