[SOLVED] Ozone v3.32: Bit-fields strange behavior (not fully supported?)

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  • [SOLVED] Ozone v3.32: Bit-fields strange behavior (not fully supported?)

    My old project have some struct, which is not displayed correctly. BitFields inside are not displayed:

    Source Code

    1. struct BatStruct{
    2. enum BatMode Mode;
    3. int32_t V,I;
    4. int32_t Vu,Iu;
    5. uint16_t Vups,Vudc;
    6. unsigned SwPs:1;
    7. unsigned SwDc:1;
    8. unsigned SwG1:1;
    9. unsigned SwG2:1;
    10. unsigned RelayOut:1;
    11. unsigned RelayPol:1;
    12. unsigned RelayDs:1;
    13. unsigned PcbHardwareErrorMcu:1;
    14. unsigned PcbHardwareErrorPower:1;
    15. uint32_t EI2C1,EI2C2,EI2C3;
    16. };
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    Source Code

    1. struct Dac4728EEStruct {
    2. uint16_t N;
    3. unsigned Vref :1;
    4. unsigned Gx :1;
    5. unsigned PD :2;
    6. };
    7. struct Dac4728XStruct {
    8. uint16_t N;
    9. unsigned Vref :1;
    10. unsigned Gx :1;
    11. unsigned PD :2;
    12. struct Dac4728EEStruct EE;
    13. };
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    What is wrong?
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  • Hi Vladi552,
    could you please open a ticket in our support ticket system (see my signature for more details)?
    Best regards
    -- AlexD
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