[ABANDONED] SES not running pre-build step on first boot

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  • [ABANDONED] SES not running pre-build step on first boot

    I noticed that emBuild and SES do not run the pre-build step on the first run after installation (fresh install). I ran into this issue starting in version 7.x of Segger and emBuild.
    This came up because our CI server started failing builds after upgrading to 7.x because of a missing version header file that was supposed to be generated by the pre-build step. I had meant to post on the forum quite a while ago but ended up working around the issue by running emBuild twice (first time always fails and the second time the pre-build step will run and the build succeeds).
    Our CI pipeline uses a Docker container so it always runs like a fresh install. It's worth pointing out that the pre-build step was working up to version 6.22 but failed when I bumped our CI server to 7.10a (I didn't try the releases between those two versions but hopefully that narrows things down a little bit).

    I am happy to collect logs on my end if that would be helpful but I figured I would drop a note here as it would be nice to get that resolved.
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Do you see the same behaviour with the latest Embedded Studio V8.10d?

    If yes, could you provide a setup for reproduction that shows this behaviour?

    Best regards,
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