[SOLVED] J-Link EDU Mini and Ozone?

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  • [SOLVED] J-Link EDU Mini and Ozone?

    I just bought an J-Link EDU Mini (# 801050847). When I try to connect to my target (in this case a RPI2040) with Ozone I get the same message as shown here, that I don't have a license (c.a.segger.com/fileadmin/image…nkDebugger_MissingLic.png (of course with my serial)).
    I've never seen this message before when I used for example the onboard J-Links of my Nordic boards - and as far as I remember - also not for my legacy J-Link EDU v8.
    Do I need to request a license for the EDU Mini or is Ozone restricted in any way when I click "yes"?
    I am a private user and just using the products for my hobby.
  • Hi daubsi,

    J-Link EDU mini is not supposed to be used for commercial purposes. Therefor the message you observe is displayed. Since you are using Ozone and J-Link EDU mini only for private purposes, this is OK.

    If your register window is empty your Ozone project most likely does not load the respective SVD file. For details please refer to the section 4.17 in the Ozone user's manual.

    Does that answer your questions?

    Best regards
    -- AlexD
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