wrong colors in 8bit color mode CM_L8

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    • wrong colors in 8bit color mode CM_L8

      I use the EvalBoard STM32H743i and want to have a minimum framebuffer Size. For that reason u choose the 8 bit Color Mode CM_L8. On the Display only grey scale are shown not the expected colors

      LCDConf.c :
      #define COLOR_MODE_0 CM_L8 // GUIDRV_Lin_8_API erforderlich

      #define COLOR_CONVERSION_0 GUICC_332 //0 xFF -> BBBGGGRR

      COLOR_MODE L8 (m332 bits)
      I made a test by filling the specific colors and inspect the framebuffer content

      --> FrameBuffer content
      03 .. RED 2 bits

      --> FrameBuffer content
      1C .. GREEN 3 bits

      --> FrameBuffer content
      EO .. BLUE 3 bits

      The content of the framebuffer for each color seems to be OK and has 8Byte per Pixel in m332 format.

      But why shows the Display only grey scale and not the expexted Color ?