[SOLVED] How to load and run a binary file by using J-Link before going to debug ?

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  • [SOLVED] How to load and run a binary file by using J-Link before going to debug ?


    We are using SEEGER embedded studio to developing our application.
    Now we need to load and run a binary file from J-link before going to debug mode.
    Ex: Downloading project into DDR memory which involves DDR initialization program to run separately before project
    download to DDR. Downloading and executing start up code(bin/elf/hex) to initialize DDR memory by using J-link and
    return control to JTAG to continue project download.
    My Processor is: STM32MP157AAA3

    Can anyone help in this regard?

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    For DDR RAM inits we recommend to use a JLinkScript and the function SetupTarget():

    How to use a JLinkScript in Embedded Studio.:

    The image that you want to program to the DDR RAM you can set in ES via project options under Debug > Loader > Additional Load File[0]

    If everything is set up correctly J-Link will init the DDR RAM after connection and ES will download the DDR image to the corresponding memory location and then your application.

    Best regards,
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