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    • Hello Team SEGGER

      Can the Appwizard version downloaded from the NXP site be used with the corresponding NXP emWin libraries on a custom board using an NXP MCU? Are there any limitations to using this Appwizard version? Is it a trial version? And how might I go in order to add the UI generated by Appwizard to my custom project? I have already configured emWin to run on the custom hardware with a SSD1963 based display.

      Awaiting your reply.

    • Hi,

      You can use any AppWizard version which matches your emWin version. I'd use the NXP rather than the one from our website (trial). The one from NXP should match the emWin version and shouldn't bother you with any licensing information.

      If you are using an emWin version which is not supported by the AppWizard provided by NXP you can use the one from our website.

      Here is a description how to check for the proper version:

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