Using RA8876 Display with emWin

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    • Using RA8876 Display with emWin


      I am planning to use the RA8876 display with a NXP MK56 series MCU based custom board. Is it possible to use emWin for developing the GUI for the RA8876 display? I see no driver supports this controller so I was thinking about using GUIDRV_Lin driver. Will that work? Also how does emWin send data to the display as there are no GUI_PORT_API functions for the Linear driver?

      Any help in the right direction will be appreciated.

    • Hi,

      It is not possible to use the RA8876 directly with emWin. You would need another controller which generates the proper signals for the RA8876.

      Typically a display controller build in to the MCU is used to generate these signals.

      In this case you would utilize the GUIDRV_Lin driver to manage the framebuffer on MCU side. The internal display controller will parse the framebuffer and generate the signals for the RA8876.

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