How do I use functions named GUI_Disp... and GUI_Draw... for drawing on a widget?

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    • Hi,

      The easiest way would indeed be to place a TEXT widget on top of the IMAGE widget.

      The other way would be to call the GUI_Disp... routine within a callback when reacting on a WM_PAINT message. So you would manually handle the drawing of the widget.

      In your case you would set a custom callback to the IMAGE widget and call your drawing function after calling the default IMAGE callback to ensure that the image is still drawn normally.

      C Source Code

      1. case WM_PAINT:
      2. //
      3. // Call standard IMAGE callback so that the image is still displayed.
      4. //
      5. IMAGE_Callback(pMsg);
      6. //
      7. // Display something on top...
      8. //
      9. GUI_Disp...
      10. break;

      In our wiki you can find a simple example on how to set a custom callback to a widget.

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