[ABANDONED] "Could not find CFI compliant flash device" after changing TIF Speed

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  • [ABANDONED] "Could not find CFI compliant flash device" after changing TIF Speed


    I'm using J-Flash (v6.90) to download firmware to an AT91 device. The Jflash project is configured to run the init steps at 30kHz, then switch to 12000kHz for the flash process. This works perfectly every time

    I'm trying to configure an Ozone project (3.22a which also uses Jflash v6.90 DLL's) to perform the same functionality. As long as I don't change TIFSpeed (i.e. leave it at 30 kHz), the binary image is transferred to the target device as expected. However, if I execute the SetTIFSpeed command after the init steps have been executed, I usually see the "Could not find CFI compliant flash device" error message at the start of the project's download phase. Occasionally it works, but usually not.

    I'm not overriding the default sequence via a DebugStart function in the project file, so I wonder if this issue might be due to Ozone proceeding with the download phase whilst the target interface speed is changing...?

    I have tried using Ozone 3.30b (Jlink 7.92m DLL's) but the issue is exactly the same.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!

  • After further investigation, I believe my issue relates to the fact under Ozone, the target doesn't always get halted before the init steps are executed, so the target doesn't get configured as required prior to the flash download.

    Will update following further investigation...