Overlap of values without being clear

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    • Overlap of values without being clear


      I am facing the issue of display value getting updated on top of the existing value without it being cleared. This doesn't happen all the time. What could be the possible root cause for this issue?
      please find attached the image for your reference.
      Any help on this is appreciated.

      • overlap.jpg

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    • Hi,

      Which emWin version are you using? And could you please share a code snippet to reproduce this behavior?

      Thanks and best regards,
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    • Hi Florian,

      We used the Appwizard V1.36b_6.32b to design the window.
      We have used an ID_TEXT_MEAS_VAL to update the measurement values as and when it is changed.
      The value is passed as string to this ID_TEXT_MEAS_VAL from the application.
      APPW_SetText(ID_SCREEN_HOME, ID_TEXT_MEAS_VAL_C1, g_Str_PriMeasVal);

      Initially the update is ok. After sometime the overlap issue occurs.
      Your help on this is highly appreciated.