[SOLVED] Autocomplete precedence

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  • [SOLVED] Autocomplete precedence

    Hello Segger form,

    I am using Segger Embedded studio for ARM version 5.68 and I noticed something when using the autocomplete function when typing.
    I noticed that when I was typing was that the scope precedence of functions/variables ect was really weird.
    I would expect that variables/function within my current scope would be ranked higher in the autocomplete list.

    I dont know if this is tacked in later versions

    Kind regards
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    It is possible that older Embedded Studio versions the autocomplete feature would not always prioritize the expected symbols.

    But with the next Embedded Studio major release V8 we are adding a new language server so you will get the same autocompelete quality that you are used from e.g. VS Code.
    To get notified when the new version launches you can subscribe here:

    Best regards,
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