[SOLVED] Wrong CPU type for CORTEX_R52 in the jlink script

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  • [SOLVED] Wrong CPU type for CORTEX_R52 in the jlink script

    Dear Segger Experts,

    The Jlink would report error when I set the CPU = CORTEX_R52.

    If I want to support Cortex-R52, how to the CPU value in the Jlinkscript?

    Thanks in advance!
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  • Hi Gavin,
    I had a quick look at this. CORTEX_R52 is currently not pre-defined.
    I will forward this internally.

    For now you can use the magic value instead:

    Source Code

    1. JLINK_CPU = 0x1404FFFF
    JLINK_CPU and CPU refer to the same variable.

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