PANIC: Not enough FIFO RAM for all endpoints

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    • PANIC: Not enough FIFO RAM for all endpoints

      Need some help, trying to get the standard USB UVC device example running on an STM32U585 (B-U585-IOT02A) board.
      Compiling goes well, flashing to the target without issues, but running it returns:

      PANIC: Not enough FIFO RAM for all endpoints

      Now I know what an end-point is but I have no clue where to get started.
      what means FIFO RAM in this case > is this the same as static allocated RAM?
      Where to allocate it and which size needed for the standard example code provided?

      Thanks and looking forward to receive some clues.
      Best Regards,

      Peter Berben
    • Hello Peter,

      the FIFO RAM is the memory builtin into the USB controller hardware, which is 1280 bytes (fix) for the STM32U585.
      In order to get the UVC sample running you have to reduce the video endpoint size in the application to something <= 512 bytes:

      #define ISO_EP_SIZE 512

      This makes the video transfer very slow, but the STM32U585 has a full-speed controller only, which is not recommended for video applications anyway.

      Best Regards
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