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  • OS_ERR_INV_MUTEX when using USBD_IP_Add

    License: USBD-00528 with active support
    emUSB-Device version: V3.60.2
    OS version: V5.18.0.3

    I have USBD working with CDC-ACM and am now adding a second interface for IPoverUSB. I've copied Sample/USB/IP/IP_Config_IP_over_USB.c into my working app and per documentation not messed around with it yet (I did define IP_SUPPORT_IPV6 and USE_RTT and for the CDC-ACM work I have already modified VID/PID etc. in usbd.h).

    After adding _AddIP() to my main(), I now hit OS_ERR_INV_MUTEX calling IP_AddStateChangeHook at USB_Driver_IP_NI.c:439 when IP_AddStateChangeHook calls IP_OS_LOCK().

    I am using emnet/Sample/IP/OS/IP_OS_embOS.c which is where IP_OS_LOCK() is defined and this is about as far as my neophyte knowledge can take me here :)

    I'm using a lib version of embOS. My main() looks like:

    C Source Code

    1. int main(void) {
    2. SYS_Initialize(NULL);
    3. LED_Off();
    4. printf("\r\n%s v%d.%d.%d\r\n", PROJECT_NAME, VERSION_MAJOR, VERSION_MINOR, VERSION_PATCH);
    5. printf("Built on %s at %s\r\n", __DATE__, __TIME__);
    6. OS_Init();
    7. OS_InitHW();
    8. USBD_Init();
    9. USBD_SetDeviceInfo(&_DeviceInfo);
    10. USBD_EnableIAD();
    11. _AddIP();
    12. AddCDC(0);
    13. USBD_Start();
    14. OS_TASK_CREATE(&TCB_USB_Echo, "USB Echo Task", 100, Task_USB_Echo, Stack_USB_Echo);
    15. OS_Start();
    16. return ( EXIT_FAILURE );
    17. }
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