Emwin video play in child window.

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    • Emwin video play in child window.


      i want to play video emf file in child window. i can not find any examples.

      GUI_MOVIE_CreateEx functions plays movie in fullscreen. but
      i want to create video within child window using WM_CreateWindowAsChild function.

      any suggestion?

    • Hi,

      Which emWin version are you using? The MOVIE code prior to emWin V6.30 (before the release of the MOVIE widget) did not work with the window manager. Which means the movie frames were not clipped when drawn in a window.

      This is one reason why the MOVIE widget has been added, which through the window manager does the clipping automatically. If your version is older than V6.30 I would suggest updating and using the MOVIE widget. I hope this helps.

      Best regards,
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