[SOLVED] st-link v3 to j-link ob

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  • Hi,

    mete wrote:

    I think the reflasher does not support st-link v3 boards

    mete wrote:

    will it support and how soon ?
    There are no plans to add reflash tool functionality for STLINK-V3 and it is unlikely that there will be any in the foreseeable future.
    The reflash utility was designed to provide J-Link support for ST evaluation boards, which did not come with headers for external debug probes.
    ST promised, that all evaluation boards that come with a V3 would also come with an external debug header,
    so J-Link can be supported out of the box.

    As the ST-LINK reflash J-Link is not allowed to be used in a commercial context,
    I would assume that you would want to use it non-commercially correct?

    In this case, I would suggest to purchase a J-Link EDU from one of our official distributors.

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