[SOLVED] SystemView Heap Define message clarifications

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  • [SOLVED] SystemView Heap Define message clarifications

    Hi all, right now I'm using SystemView to monitoring the heap usage of RT1176 MCU.
    I would like to have two clarifications about the heap define message because there's something not so clear for me.

    As you can see in the attachment, the message I got is the following:
    Define heap 20003b70 of 536886128 at 0x00029000, metadata size is 16 bytes

    where in the code, I called this function
    SEGGER_SYSVIEW_HeapDefine(tlsf, work_mem_int, sizeof(work_mem_int), 16);

    - 0x20003b70 is the address of the heap memory (work_mem_int), also confirmed by using Ozone debugger
    - 0x29000 is the heap size (164KB), also confirmed by using Ozone debugger

    I have two questions:
    1) what's the number 536886128 got from the heap define message? Seems to be the overall size of SDRAM memory -> 512MB which is correct: the NXP EVK has two 256 MB, 200 MHz SDRAM (W9825G6KH-5I) is used on the EVK Board.
    How can SystemView read this value? I haven't set this in the SystemView API. Just for my understanding.

    2) I think that the message above should be :
    Define heap 29000 of 536886128 at 0x20003b70, metadata size is 16 bytes.
    it seems that 20003b70 and 29000 are swapped? is it correct?

    many thanks!
    best regards.
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  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Which version of SystemView are you using exactly?
    Could you try the latest one? There was a fix related to heap and swapped information.

    Best regards,
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