[SOLVED] JlinkRemoteServer cannot connect to Jlink, "Failed to put socket into listening state"

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  • [SOLVED] JlinkRemoteServer cannot connect to Jlink, "Failed to put socket into listening state"

    I am trying to use JlinkRemoteServer on Windows, and when I launch the software it says, "Failed to put socket into listening state."

    I am running v7.92b of the JLink software toolchain. I just recently purchased this JLink, and it is the base model.

    I have the settings as the default of port 19020 and USB for the connection. I have unplugged and plugged in the jlink more times than I can count.

    This was working before, and then this would occassionally happen. After a Windows reboot, it would usually be fine. Now it seems to happen all the time.

    Does anyone know something I could try?
  • Hi,

    we received you inquiry via our ticket system and responded there already.
    Please refrain from contacting us via multiple channels in parallel - it causes additional workload on our end.
    Additionally, one of the channels may end up with less information than the other.

    J-Link Remote Server's error message "Failed to put socket into listening state." indicates that
    another process on your machine has opened a listener socket on the same port that J-Link Remote Server tries to open.

    This may be another instance of J-Link Remote Server started before,
    or any other process that decides to listen on port 19020.

    In your case, "a windows svhost process" was blocking port 19020.


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