[SOLVED] About loading multiple ELF files

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  • [SOLVED] About loading multiple ELF files

    Hello my dear Segger Team. I'd love to use Ozone which provides excellent user experience. But I have a little trouble and I'd like to ask for help.
    Many RTOS like ThreadX, RT-Thread support dynamic module. We need to create at least wo projects, one is the module manager, and the other is the module.
    For debugging, Ozone needs to load symbols from the two ELF files corresponding to different flash address ranges. I searched the Ozone manual, I didn't find trace of support for this.
    Using File.Open or File.Load, previously opened symbol would be deleted. I cannot make Ozone load both ELF file, and I'd like to know if it can be realized.
  • Hi Eggplant886,

    right now, Ozone does not support loading multiple ELF files. This is on our internal wish-list but I cannot comment on when this will be released.

    Best regards
    -- AlexD
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