[SOLVED] Upgrade Flasher 5 R1 to a R3 Possible?

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  • [SOLVED] Upgrade Flasher 5 R1 to a R3 Possible?

    Hello, Is it possible to Upgrade the Flasher 5 R1 to a R3?

    Was it just the flash size that changed? I can swap the flash chip if needed.

    Anyone have Internal Photos of the Flasher 5 R3

    I did a short teardown video

    Internal Photos Posted On My Personal Blog

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  • There is no help given for such things.
    A later HW version may not run with an older firmware or may require a completely different BTL + firmware.
    So, it is usually not possible to swap 1-2 components and expect the unit to suddenly be, report to be and work as a new HW version / revision
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