Selecting ECM/NCM/RNDIS in IPoverUSB?

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  • Selecting ECM/NCM/RNDIS in IPoverUSB?

    I'm evaluating emNet and trying to determine if I need more than CDC-NCM in this day and age. My target OSes are iPadOS, Windows 11, and optionally MacOS and Arch Linux (e.g. SteamDeck).

    I can't find a way to use the evaluation kit for the SAME70XPlained Pro/Ultra to configure CDC-ECM/NCM/RNDIS. While I see references to USBD_ECM_Add, etc. in UM09001_emUSBD, I don't see where in the sample code this gets called or configured. My best guess is that I have object-code only for embOS and so there is some hardcoded ECM/NCM/RNDIS configuration down inside the object code.

  • If you are only targeting the mentioned OSes, CDC-NCM would be the protocol to choose. If you are interested in NCM only, please send us a request via the support ticket system.
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