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    • J-Link - MCU QSPI RDID Readback - Commander / SDK / J-Flash


      I have a usage / capability question. I have a customer using an NXP LPC54018 (flashless part) that uses external QSPI flash memory. We are working out factory programming & provisioning.

      Is there a j-link command / method that would report back the JEDEC RDID code of the attached QSPI/SPI flash device over SWD?

      In this use case, some of the boards may use different flash devices which require specialized information to be loaded depending on the flash device that is loaded. They would like to automate the process by having some method of reading back the flash ID information on the host PC.

      We would like to understand if there are any commands available to script this operation.

      Our fallback approach is to come up without own indirect method of loading a small program into RAM to read the info and transmit back to the PC via RTT, serial etc. We 1st wanted to see if this data was available through the normal j-link programming algorthims.

    • Nope, there is no such command.

      You may either download some code to RAM that does this, or use the w1/2/4 and mem8/16/32 commands to access the QSPI controller.

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