Using image with "Alpha channel, compressed" format in AppWizard

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    • Using image with "Alpha channel, compressed" format in AppWizard

      Hi everyone,

      I would like to know if there is any special procedure to create an "alpha channel, compressed" image format.
      I created a sample application to test this format but there was a problem when setting the color to black.

      The play function of AppWizard shows the expected output (left : black triangle, right : white triangle).

      But running the same application inside Visual Studio simulation shows the left black triangle with just an outline.

      What could possibly cause this?

      By the way, the color format I'm using is 16bit GUICC_M565.

      Best Regards,
    • Hi,

      Thanks for reporting this. I could reproduce this issue, we will take a look at it asap.

      Best regards,
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