[SOLVED] Use J-Link interface on STM32H723-ZG

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  • [SOLVED] Use J-Link interface on STM32H723-ZG


    I have just bought a NUCLEO STM32H723-ZG board and wanted to use a J-Link connection for Tracealayzer (percepio.com/tracealyzer/trace…cealyzer-for-zephyr-rtos/).

    I have then understood a need to uprade the firmware to add a J-Link interface. I have followed these steps: segger.com/products/debug-prob…j-links/st-link-on-board/.

    Everything is ok until last step.

    STLinkReflash tool ends up with Error "Cannot find an ST Link" (see error.png attached file).

    However, the STLink is detected by Windows (see ST_Link.png attached file)

    My system configuration is the following:

    - Windows 10
    - STLinkReflash_190812
    - en.stsw-link009
    - JLink_Windows_V788e_x86_64

    Any help or clue would be greatly appreciated .

    Best Regards,

    • ST_Link.png

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    • error.png

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  • This board has an ST-LINK V3 that is not supported by the conversion utility.

    You need to connect an external J-Link to the board.
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