[ABANDONED] Incorrect task names

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  • [ABANDONED] Incorrect task names

    Hi! ^^

    I am developing a project with custom lightweight RTOS on NXP S32K118 (ARM M0+). I followed guide on web - noOS/noOS_tasked. Systemview ran almost perfectly - I see all the activity, but I am missing task names, which are crucial for my analysis. On TaskSendInfo I pass all the tasks' names.

    This is export data from two random tasks. Name is completely different from what I passed to TaskSendInfo, whatsmore the "address" shown here is non existent in MCU memory.
    Name,Activations,CPU Load,Last Run Time,Min Run Time,Max Run Time
    Task 0xF000000B,3113,0.16%,0.013 104 ms,0.012 979 ms,0.029 500 ms
    Task 0xF0000013,6224,0.41%,0.015 938 ms,0.015 938 ms,0.087 729 ms

    Steps I tried:
    Increase RAM pool - macro BUFFER_SIZE_UP to 2k
    Increase JLINK frequency 2x
    Run start recording and then run mcu

    Does anyone might have an idea how to get task names right?
  • We have made a workaround involving debugger, steps as follows:
    • Stop system view record and debugger
    • Run debugger, stop it at random moment couple of seconds after startup
    • Exit debug session
    • Run system view record
    If any of those steps is missed - you will not get correct task names.
    Even though we made it work, can I get any comments why such process make it work?
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Did you follow the following guide?

    There it says the following:
    - Next SEGGER_SYSVIEW_OnTaskCreate() needs to be called for each "Task" function. We recommend creating a helper function for this task e.g. SYSVIEW_AddTask in the example project.

    Did you take care of that in your example?

    Should that still not work could you provide a simple example project that shows this behaviour?

    Best regards,
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