[SOLVED] Installing driver for jlink flasher

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  • [SOLVED] Installing driver for jlink flasher

    The following instructions describe one possible solution for enabling the installation of drivers for jlink flasher, e.g. on the USB interface, if the installation is prevented by Windows with the error message "The installation of this device is prevented by system policies[...]" (in German "Die Installation dieses Gerätes wird durch Systemrichtlinien verhindert[...]").
    Note: The instructions refer to Windows 11 Pro.
    1) Open cmd console with admin rights as follows: Enter cmd in the search field and then select "Run as administrator" on the right side and enter admin credentials.
    2) Open Local Group Policy Editor: gpedit.msc
    3) In the editor select: Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Device Installation > Device Installation Restrictions (in German: Computerkonfiguration > Administrative Vorlagen > System > Geräteinstallation > Einschränkungen bei der Geräteinstallation).
    4) Select the "Allow administrators to override policies under Device Installation Restrictions" policy ( in German: "Administratoren das Außerkraftsetzen der Richtlinien unter "Einschränkungen bei der Geräteinstallation" erlauben") and set it to "Enabled". Then click on "Apply" and "OK".
    5) Select the policy "Prevent installation of devices not described in other policies" ( in German: "Installation von Geräten verhindern, die nicht in anderen Richtlinien beschrieben sind") and set it to "Enabled". Then click on "Apply" and "OK".
    6) Enter gpupdate/force in the cmd console. This will apply the new policies.
  • If you have a current J-Link that is in the support & maintenance period, we recommend to get in touch with our support team.

    From what I read here, it could be a 3rd party security software running on that machine, that blocks new USB devices until they have been "authorized" / allowed in that 3rd party security software.
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