[SOLVED] J-Mem Fill memory area

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  • [SOLVED] J-Mem Fill memory area


    I want to fill a certain memory area with a value in J-Mem.
    For instance, I want to fill 0x00000000 till 0x0010000 with value 5F, then I only see the values updated in the visible screen area.

    Lets say the visible screen area is from 0x00000000 till 0x000007E0, I only see those values there. If I make the screen smaller or larger I see a larger area updated. So it looks to me like it only updates it in the visible screen area and not in the region I entered in the "Fill memory area".

    Is this correct behavior and if so how can I fill the entered area?
  • Hi,

    Alex asked me to investigate the behavior you reported.
    I gave this a quick try using the most recent version of J-Mem (V7.88d) and everything worked as expected.
    The memory from 0x0000_0000 to 0x0001_0000 was filled with 0x5F, even the range outside of the area visible in the J-Mem window.

    Could you please download and install the most recent version of the J-Link software package and give J-Mem a try again?
    Does it work as expected for you now?

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