[SOLVED] Using RTT in background mode with TI RM46

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  • [SOLVED] Using RTT in background mode with TI RM46


    I'm using Segger RTT with A TI Hercules RM46L (ARM® Cortex®-R4F 32-Bit RISC CPU), and I want to use RTT in background mode.
    My problem is that the AP map detection seems to fail and fall back to the "Stop mode".

    Imgur link because the forum is complaining about message size

    While the SEGGER wiki does not mention it supports the cortex-R core, the Using RTT on Cortex-A/R based devices application notes mention that it can be enabled if the AHB-AP exist

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    In the rm46l852 datasheet, there's mention that the AHB-AP exist

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    So according to this information, I think it should be feasible to enable it.
    It must be a configuration problem.

    How do I enable the RTT in background mode?

    I have tried to add the JlinkScritp without success

    Source Code

    1. int ConfigTargetSettings(void) {
    2. JLINK_SYS_Report("J-Link Script: ConfigTargetSettings(): Skip ECC RAM initialization");
    3. JLINK_ExecCommand("SetSkipInitECCRAMOnConnect = 1");
    4. JLINK_ExecCommand("SetIndexAHBAPToUse = 0");
    5. return 0;
    6. }

    As an additional note, I think I'm having a similar problem to this unresolved thread from 2019:
    [ABANDONED] TI RM57x (Cortex R5F) and RTT Background Mode

  • Hi Gabriel,

    RTT is already executed in background mode on the RM4x devices.
    The background AP is implemented natively, so no actions/script files on your side needed.

    You can verify this by opening the RTT tab in the J-Link Web Control Panel:

    Only normal memory reads (e.g. via Mem32 in the J-Link Commander) will use stop mode,
    as background access mode is currently only used by RTT & HSS.

    I also answered you in the support ticket case.

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