Some issues in Embedded Studio

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    • Some issues in Embedded Studio

      Hello Segger Team,

      I found some issues in Embedded Studio.

      • The initializer list from a constructor is highlighted like a function:

        helloCounter(0) is not a function call, but a member variable initialization. To reproduce this, you must set the syntax highlight for functions:
        Tools --> Options --> Color Schemes --> Function
        to something flashy.
      • When searching in the *.emProject file from inside Embedded Studio “Find and Replace” window it is not possible to jump to the search results via Double-Click in the result -list.
      • This is more of a fun issue, when copying a text to a setting window of Embedded Studio it keeps the formatting. I recognized this when copying some compiler options from a website. It was barely readable because the font had nearly the same color as the background of the window. You can reproduce it by copying text from microsoft-word like shown in the screenshot.
        By the way. Why is there so much space wasted in the lower third of the window.

    • Hello Segger Team,

      regarding the syntax highlighting of functions. The macros

      Source Code

      1. #if __has_include ("file.h”)
      2. #if defined (SOMETHING)
      and the attributes

      Source Code

      1. [[gnu::format(printf, 2, 3)]]
      are also highlighted like a function call.


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