AppWizard Runtime Error (SimError)

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    • AppWizard Runtime Error (SimError)


      My simulation environment (Windows 10) is now displaying an error message showing the following.
      "Disposing does not work in _DisposeWindow()."

      I would appreciate it if someone can tell me the reason for this problem.
      Thank you very much.

      Best Regards,

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    • Hi Rowel,

      Which version of AppWizard are you using? And could you send us a project that allows us to reproduce this issue?
      Thank you!

      Best regards,
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    • Hello Florian,

      Many thanks for your prompt reply.

      We are using AppWizard V128c_6.26c (Compiled 14:2208 Jun 8 2022) included in Renesas FIT Module (for RX65N).

      I think I found the problem (but not the reason).
      It seems to be related to the alignment setting of a particular Text Object.
      That particular object was connected (concatenated) to another text object previously but is now pointing to another object.

      I changed the alignment setting and it is now working again.
      Thank you for all your support.

      Best Regards,

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