Flashloader with multi flashBankInfo

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    • Flashloader with multi flashBankInfo

      May I know once the device been connected and includes tree flashbankinfo and tree flashloader, will all the trree flashloader been load to the ram ?
      Or just load either one at run time ?

      Source Code

      1. <Database>
      2. <Device>
      3. <ChipInfo Vendor="Mytest" Name="MyTestDevice" WorkRAMAddr="0x20000000" WorkRAMSize="0x00020000" Core="JLINK_CORE_CORTEX_M33"/>
      4. <FlashBankInfo Name="FL_Test1" BaseAddr="0x00010000" AlwaysPresent="1">
      5. <LoaderInfo Name="FL_Test1" MaxSize="0x00030000" Loader="FL_Test1.FLM" LoaderType="FLASH_ALGO_TYPE_OPEN" />
      6. </FlashBankInfo>
      7. <FlashBankInfo Name="FL_Test2" BaseAddr="0x00040000" AlwaysPresent="1">
      8. <LoaderInfo Name="FL_Test2" MaxSize="0x00010000" Loader="FL_Test2.FLM" LoaderType="FLASH_ALGO_TYPE_OPEN" />
      9. </FlashBankInfo>
      10. <FlashBankInfo Name="FL_Test3" BaseAddr="0x00200000" AlwaysPresent="1">
      11. <LoaderInfo Name="FL_Test3" MaxSize="0x00100000" Loader="FL_Test3.FLM" LoaderType="FLASH_ALGO_TYPE_OPEN" />
      12. </FlashBankInfo>
      13. </Device>
      14. </Database>
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      Using JLink.exe and connect MyTestDevice to execute test script as below:
      JLink.exe -device MyTestDevice -if SWD -speed 75000 -CommandFile mytest.jlink -jlinkscriptfile .\JLinkSettings.JLinkScript

      Source Code

      1. r
      2. h
      3. loadbin test1.bin 0x10000
      4. loadbin test2.bin 0x40000
      5. loadbin test3.bin 0x200000
      6. r
      7. exit

      loadbin test1.bin 0x10000 => this address mapping to FL_Test1 and will use FL_Test1.FLM
      loadbin test2.bin 0x40000 => this address mapping to FL_Test2 and will use FL_Test2.FLM
      loadbin test3.bin 0x200000 => this address mapping to FL_Test3 and will use FL_Test3.FLM
      The all loader will be loaded to ram or just load and overwrite previous one when loadbin ?

    • Hi,
      - Only one loader is loaded to RAM at a time, and
      - the RAM region used by the loader is restored after each programming sequence.

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