J-Trace instruction buffer

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    • J-Trace instruction buffer

      [SOLVED] [J-Trace] What is the maximum timeline instruction buffer?

      This conversation happened in 2020. SEGGER team stated that currently instruction buffer is 64 Mb no matter what is set by the user, and this will be fixed in the near future.

      Now it is almost three years old, but the limitation is still present. I still see no more than 800 ms of trace in Ozone. Is there any ETA on fixing that?
    • Hello,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      You can dump the raw trace data to one or multiple files since November 2020 with the following command string:

      So you can analyze the data dump yourself and offload this to some server or similar for bigger data dumps.

      Loading the saved data into Ozone is not yet supported but is planned. However as this is a bigger task as making this work usable for customers without huge loading times or laggy UI is quite the challenge, so we do not have a fixed timeline for this yet.

      What would be your usecase here. What timeframes are you planning to record here?
      Please note that even recording only a couple of seconds may result in minutes of loading and analyzing done by Ozone simply because in a couple of seconds a target device will have run through millions/billions of instructions which now have to be somehow displayed, filtered and drawn. We are very quickly in "big data" territory here and usually when someone says he wants to record hours of a trace streams, they are usually not ready to invest in some big server infrastructure to just display the data in Ozone. Because the usual 16-32 GB of host RAM will very quickly not be enough.

      Best regards,
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