[ABANDONED] UNDEFINSTR UsageFault when debugging in Ozone on STM32G4

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  • [ABANDONED] UNDEFINSTR UsageFault when debugging in Ozone on STM32G4

    After switching from STM32F4 to STM32G4 chip I started to encounter weird UsageFault exceptions related to corrupted flash memory.

    This happens when code is reloaded, apparently Ozone fails to correctly reprogram the chip. Erasing chip with JFlash and restarting debug session (so code will be uploaded again) fixes the issue for some time. JFlash also confirms that flashed code does not match actual binary. This issue didn't occur on F4 devices.

    I would be happy to provide more data to investigate this issue, but unfortunately Ozone isn't very verbose on that part.
  • This issue becomes ever more severe as you switch from USB connection to TCP connection.

    JFlash and Ozone now cannot work simultaneously (at least with J-Trace native ethernet port), so each reflash puts significantly more burden on you: disconnect Ozone, connect JFlash, erase chip, disconnect JFlash, connect Ozone back.

    Also, with TCP it now fails in a totally deterministic way. Every Ozone flashing attempt now fails with timeout or corrupts flash data.

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  • Hi,
    we are not aware of any such issue.

    Does the issue also occur when using the latest J-Link Software version?
    Do you use custom hardware or an evaluation board? In the latter case which one?
    If custom hardware, do you experience the same problem on an evaluation board?

    Could you please provide the following?
    - A J-Link log file of a faulty download attempt? How to enable:
    - A Small sample project this issue is reproducible with and
    step by step instructions explaining how to reproduce this issue

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