[SOLVED] Code Outline and Source Navigator cache in local?

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  • [SOLVED] Code Outline and Source Navigator cache in local?

    Could Code Outline and Source Navigator cache in local?
    Source Navigator - Everytime i open SES it need reindex all symbols. Before it reindex , i cant do any jump define funs
    And when i goto a define of class or funs , the Code Outline need research, if it is a large file , SES will no response until it loads all structure.

    I think if the file no change could cache the struct or symbols in local like a sessions to boost the GUI

    If a small project , maybe it is good. But a bit large project, SES cant handle it well.
    I think SES not only serve the small project also the larger one?
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Currently this is not possible as we are using the LLVM indexer for this task.

    But it is on our wishlist to improve this behaviour, but we do not have a fixed timeline for this yet.

    Best regards,
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