Return value of SEGGER_FL_Verify

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    • Return value of SEGGER_FL_Verify

      The program flow : SEGGER_FL_Erase => SEGGER_FL_Program => SEGGER_FL_Verify
      ReturnVal != Addr+NumBytes of SEGGER_FL_Verify indicates an error and gives the address where verification failed. Will the programmed .
      May I know when verify failed, what will the programmed data be? Will it be revert automatically?
    • Hi,
      No, it will not be reverted automatically.
      As a verification error indicates an issue during programming it would not really make sense to attempt another
      programming procedure to revert the changes, as this might very well fail again.

      The data on the target is not defined from the address where the verification failed onward.
      You can check it by reading back the programmed ranges.

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