[Solved] STM32F3xx support package ...

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  • [Solved] STM32F3xx support package ...

    I'd like to add some information, but the original thread is closed now ([Solved] Bug report: STM32F3xx CPU support package has incorrect memory map).

    Checking the current package status, this package installed is at version 2.04, and no update available.

    hought RAM size defined in the memory map XML for the mentioned model (F303VCTx) coming with this package is wrong, 0x0C000 instead of 0x0A000.
  • Hi Frank,

    maybe I have not been completely clear.

    As written in the other thread:
    The package has been fixed and will be released with the next batch of packages
    Meaning the package has already been fully prepared and is ready for the next release.

    This of course means it is not available in Embedded Studio yet, but will be soon.

    Best regards,
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