[SOLVED] Specified flashloader exceeds max. size of 64 KB

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  • [SOLVED] Specified flashloader exceeds max. size of 64 KB

    I have a spi flash, W25Q16, and it is not used as QSPI, so I can not take advantage of the built-in J-Link QSPI flash loader.
    My colleague has create a working IAR EWARM flash loader project, which can be used in STCubeProgrammer with ST-Link probe.
    However, my main probe is J-Link and I like to modified the project so I do not have to switch between J-Link and ST-Link.

    The MCU I used is STM32F765ZI.

    I have made a little progress, like change code block name to PrgCode so JFlash stop complaining "no PrgCode".
    The current error that I am trying to resolve is:
    Specified flashloader exceeds max. size of 64 KB

    From search, I find a thread mentioned about JFlash check beginning and end of code section.
    I check my .map file and elf file and make sure all code and data are placed between 0x20000000 and 0x20040000

    I also check SEGGER flash load driver elf, "ST_STM32F7xxxx_DualBank_2MB.elf", and find symbols like __PrgCode_start__, and __PrgCode_end__.
    But, if I change those names, JFlash still treat them as valid driver.

    I can post my entire IAR project if needed to get help.
  • Pretty much sounds like your flash loader project is configured incorrectly.
    You may get a copy of the DSK which comes with correctly configured templates for Embedded Studio
    in which you would fill the Erase() Program() ... functions (you should already have the contents to be filled into these functions) and should be up and running.

    You may post your IAR project and somebody may or may not be able to help here but this is definitely outside of SEGGER support.
    Please read the forum rules before posting.

    Keep in mind, this is *not* a support forum.
    Our engineers will try to answer your questions between their projects if possible but this can be delayed by longer periods of time.
    Should you be entitled to support you can contact us via our support system: segger.com/ticket/

    Or you can contact us via e-mail.