Bitmaps with transparent background

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    • Bitmaps with transparent background

      I am using Flexcolor driver with 16-bit color resolution and precompiled EMWin library for ARM MDK.
      Memory is limited, so no cache is used. Display controller is ILI9341. I am curious if it is possible to
      use bitmaps with transparent background? If so, which format should be used for conversion to C
      source file?
      In BMP2C converter, I convert image to best palette+transparency, select 0x00000000 as transparent color
      and then export to C file but after that, transparency is lost and image is shown with black background.

      I have implemented display read-back function and it seems to work correctly ( I can see GUI reading
      back pixel data in chunks of 3 bytes).

      Icons are stored in PNG format and have transparent background (sample attached).

      - Dejan
      • Gruppe 1203.png

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