Use of Appwizard with NXP emWIn libraries for custom board

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    • Use of Appwizard with NXP emWIn libraries for custom board


      I am running the NXP MK64FX512VLQ12 MCU on a custom board. I got the emWin library provided by NXP working with the board and SSD1963 based display. My question is whether I can use Appwizard for building my GUI. I saw a video on NXP's website that it might be possible, but I want confirmation. I read somewhere in the forum that I can only run the simulation and not on the target board while using the one downloaded from Segger's website (maybe the trial version). Is that correct? Also does NXP bundle together Appwizard in the package for NXP MCU users? I am currently using MCUExpresso IDE.

      Any leads will be immensely helpful.

      Thank you.
    • Hi,

      In the earlier trial versions there were not any BSPs included. This meant the user was mostly limited to the simulation and had to add their own BSPs to the trial version to run a project on the hardware. I don't know which video you are referring to but I'm guessing this is what they meant.

      This has changed though with AppWizard version 1.22_6.18b, from this version onwards the trial version includes all BSPs.

      You won't be able to use the BSPs though because there is no BSP for the SSD1963 controller. But the controller is supported by the GUIDRV_FlexColor driver.
      So this means you would have to create your own custom BSP for MCUExpresso, you can find a detailed tutorial in our manual.

      Or alternatively you could simply integrate the exported AppWizard code into a hardware project that has already been configured to run emWin.

      Best regards,
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    • Hello Florian.

      Thank you for the reply.

      I am referring to the video MCU Tech Minutes | GUI Development with emWin and AppWizard on NXP's website. I tried to follow the steps but in the video they show a libGUI.a file while I couldn't find any such file.

      I will refer to the manual you pointed me to, but I think I have tried it before without any success.

      As for integrating the exported Appwizard code, how do I go about it? I have already configured emWin properly for the target hardware and it is working fine. My question is how do I integrate the exported code into my project.

      Any guidance will be helpful.

      Thank you,
    • Yeah I did try out the steps in the manual to no avail. Not working.

      Also I saw in the video I referred to that I need to disable floating point ops. But my application requires floating point ops and depends on it. How do I get around it?