[ABANDONED] Source Viewer window missing, functions window empty

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  • [ABANDONED] Source Viewer window missing, functions window empty

    First time using Ozone. Connected a Ubuntu 20.04 pc with an Arduino Due over J-link (swd) and confirmed with J-Link Commander according to the Segger wiki on the topic.
    Have a blink program running, have calibrated Ozone for the Arduino (ATSAM3X8E), and have started a debug session by clicking "Attach to Running Program" and receive a "Connected to Target Device" message in the Console.

    The problem is there is no Source Code Viewer window and the function window is unpopulated. As stated I am very new but have followed step by step a procedure from the wiki so please excuse any obvious mistakes or ignorance.
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  • Hi Ouble,
    your screenshot shows only a short part of the console window. So at this point in time you can expect only guesswork to be done.
    Did you load an ELF file in your Ozone project? Does your ELF file contain debug information? What happens if you attempt to break the target?
    Best regards
    -- AlexD
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