Unstable debug Connection with MCUXpresso IDE and JLink Plus

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    • Unstable debug Connection with MCUXpresso IDE and JLink Plus

      I have a unstable debug connection MCUXpresso IDE and JLink Plus. I have the same behavior on different PCs, USB Cables and JLink Plus. If I switch to MCU-Link than everything works fine. Which lets me rule out a hardware problem.

      Most of the time I get this error:
      "Suspend operation timeout."

      I use the following tool chain:
      J-Link V7.84b
      MCUXpresso IDE v11.7.0 [Build 9198] [2023-01-17]
      On Debian 11 x86 64bit
      MCU NXP K32L2

      I hope someone knows a fix for this problem.

      Thanks a lot and best regards,

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    • Hi Maximilian,
      This is the first time we have heard about such an issue.
      1) Did also turn to the MCUXpresso / NXP forum?
      2) Could you please send us a J-Link log file? How to enable:
      3) Could you please send us a GDB log file?
      If I remember correctly, the command can be passed via
      Debug Configurations -> JLink Debugger -> Additional Options -> Other server Options:

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