J link edu mini cannot connect to target

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    • J link edu mini cannot connect to target

      I am struggling to get my J-link edu mini to connect to my board, I am using this board: RDDRONE-CUPK64 AKA Micro E Board Development. And I’m trying to use NXPXpresso to program the board. However, with the sdk installed and everything connected, j-link says
      Could not connect to target, target voltage too low (0v).

      However, I do have a battery connected and the board lights up. What’s going on?

      Using this website: nxp.gitbook.io/nxp-cup/dfrobot…ols/arc-board-development
    • Hi,
      From the message it seems like the VTref pin is not being powered on your setup.
      I guess that you have to change some jumper settings to enable connection to an external debug probe or similar.
      We recommend to check the board manual regarding this.

      In general it is easier to first get things up and running with J-Link Commander (JLink.exe) to verify that the connection.
      Could you please follow the troubleshooting article on the page linked below

      In case you can confirm that VTref is 0V with a multimeter, we would suggest to contact NXP regarding this,
      as this seems to be a board related setup issue.

      Best regards,
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