[ABANDONED] Create own linker symbols

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  • [ABANDONED] Create own linker symbols

    how can I define my own linker symbols in the Segger linker icf file and get access to them from the application.

    I found the page "How_to_use_Linker-generated_symbols" but no declaration of these symbols?

  • Hi Lothar,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    Could you explain what you are trying to do, so that we can give you the right answer.

    Best regards,
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  • Hi Lucas,

    I started to work with the RP2040 and the Segger Embedded Studio. I'm able to compile and debug the sample projekt RaspberryPi_Pico_QSPI_Blinky with the BSP. Now I try to implement the FreeRtos SMP.
    At the momnent I get the Linker error: undefined symbol __StackOneBottom referenced by symbol multicore_launch_core1 (section .text.multicore_launch_core1 in file multicore.o)

    In the pico sdk the symbol __StackOneBottom is defined in the file memmap_default.ld. Is there an equivalent possibility to do this in the Segger icf file.