[Feature Suggestion] Option to pin tabs for improved file handling

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  • [Feature Suggestion] Option to pin tabs for improved file handling


    I would love to have a possibility of pinning tabs/files in the editor window. When working on large projects and jumping through lots of different files while debugging, a lot of tabs will open. With a pinning feature, possibly implemented by right-clicking a tab and pressing pin tab, the pinned file tab could be moved to the leftmost side of the tab bar and be seperated from other opened, unpinned files. This way, the most important files in a project are always accessible on the leftmost side and not potentially hidden amongst lots of other file tabs from libraries etc. An option to close all tabs but the pinned ones could then clean up the clutter produced by lots of open tabs. Visual Studio Code for example has implemented this feature nicely. The state of the pinned tabs could then be saved to the .jdebug.user config file.

    Best Regards,
  • Hi Julian,

    thank you for your suggestion. I added that to our internal wish-list for future enhancements.

    Best regards
    -- AlexD
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