[ABANDONED] Target resets after resuming it

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  • [ABANDONED] Target resets after resuming it

    Hello, I have an issue when I am in a debug session with ozone. When I put some breakpoints, the program works well and goes into them, but when I disable the breakpoints and push on the resume button, the program restarts instead of continue. I am using Ozone v3.28a with J-link
  • Hi DavidHC_96,

    are you able to reproduce the issue with the current release of Ozone, V3.28c?

    As you describe the issue it might just be the case that your target, once being unleashed, simply runs into a condition that triggers a restart. Eventually you application leaves the code range covered by your break points within the blink of an eye and then restarts. Your system might also simply make use of a watchdog which, after some time, triggers a reset.

    Of course, this is pure guesswork. With the given information it is hard to figure out, what might be wrong. I recommend creating an application which shows proper execution to the human eye, e.g. by blinking a led. Please check if this application is able to run stand-alone, without J-Link connected. Then check if this application runs properly with J-Link connected and in the context of a debug session.

    Best regards
    -- AlexD
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