[ABANDONED] STM32L4R5 single bank mode issues

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  • [ABANDONED] STM32L4R5 single bank mode issues


    We are having some issues with JLink and the STM32L4R5 (2 MB flash) processor.
    These issues range from the erase-command not properly erasing to reflashing not working as intended.
    These issues started appearing when switching from the default dual bank flash layout to the single bank layout (by setting the DBANK option bit low).

    When looking into the issue i noticed that you recommend using the dual bank layout when using JLink
    "When using the J-Link flash loader, make sure that the flash controller is configured for dual bank flash layout (DUALBANK == 1), which is the default."

    Unfortunately using the dual bank layout is not an option for us for this project.

    When looking into other processors i noticed that you had some solutions for using alternative memory layouts. On the STM32F7 wiki you provide configuration and .elf files for using the processor in the non-default dual bank mode:


    Is there anything we can do to use your tools with the STM32L4R5 in single bank mode?

    - Do you have the any configuration files, .elf files for the flashloader?

    - Is it possible to generate these configuration files and .elf files ourselves?

    - Is there any workarounds or steps we can take to make reprogramming and debugging easier when using single bank mode?

    Best regards