[ABANDONED] Problem getting EmbOS thread-aware debugging working from Eclipse

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  • [ABANDONED] Problem getting EmbOS thread-aware debugging working from Eclipse

    I am struggling with getting EmbOS thread-aware debugging working in Eclipse.

    I have previously had this working, but since my development PC has been replaced and everything reinstalled, I cannot make it work now.
    I have updated JLink to the latest version 7.84c. The target application is still EmbOS 5.02, and linked with libosT7LDP.a.

    I have added the option "-rtos GDBServer/RTOSPlugin_embOS.dll" to the GDB server configuration, but when I attach to the running target, I do not see other threads. I also tried ticking the "Force thread list update on suspend", but it made no difference.

    I have attempted to enable GDB server logging, and the log file contains the following lines:

    Source Code

    1. 03-00000000-00-00000815-0037: Loading RTOS plugin: GDBServer/RTOSPlugin_embOS.dll...
    2. 03-00000000-00-00000816-002B: RTOS plugin (API v1.0) loaded successfully
    If I try to set a non-existent filename for the -rtos-option, I get an error message here that the file does not exist, so it seems the DLL is indeed loaded, but somehow it still does not show the threads.

    Any suggestions for how to proceed are very welcome.

    Best regards,
    Mikkel Holm Olsen