Cannot debug for nRF52840, but project builds just fine

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    • Cannot debug for nRF52840, but project builds just fine


      I searched through the forum before posting this. I have the Nordic SDK at the following location: C:\Nordic\SDK. All of the drivers and examples can be found in lower directories. My project is based off of Noridc's BLE_Blinky project.

      After uploading the relevant files to my repository, I cloned the project to a new directory on the same PC: B:\Projects\PDS\Phase2\Software\KtaSoftware. There are a number of reasons why I needed to make this move.

      After this move, I changed a number of the include paths to be relative, and defined some of my own macros so that everything would build. This is all working fine.

      However, when trying to debug on the nRF52480-DK, I can connect, but then the debug screen completely blank (see attached image). The IDE is acting like it cannot locate the source, the object, or the disassembly. I have searched and searched for paths, which could still be pointing to the old location, but am just not finding anything. Does anyone have suggestions?

      Much appreciated!
      • SeggerDebugPicture.GIF

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